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What makes us DIFFERENT ?

Proven Profitable Systems

We guarantee the profitability of the systems we teach. We believe we are the only company that have the guts to do this. Of course, the students are required to keep strictly to the rules we teach.

FREE Mentoring & Support

We take responsibility for what we teach. When the course is over we do not become unavailable or charge a fee for our time - we give FREE support for as long as you require.

Longer Term Courses

Forex trading cannot be learned in a matter of days. It takes much longer -with lots of practical trading under the guidance of a professional trader.

Free Expert Advisors (Robots)

Through many years of experience, we realised that to have the best chance of being consistently profitable is to combine human skills with robots that will operate 24 hours a day.

Below is the performance of one of our systems on the USDJPY currency pair tested over 12 months (May 2020 - May 2021)

We asked students why they chose Forex Academy for their training - and this is what they said:

Lots and lots and lots of online reviews and comparison. The deciding factors for me were the following: 1. The fact that this could not be learnt through a 1 week course and Forex Academy acknowledged this through providing a longer period course. 2. The cost of the course places a level of exclusivity on it as opposed to a cheap fly by night offering where 300 people sit in a webinar. 3. The website was focused on learning to trade as opposed to how much money and fancy cars you can have through trading. 4. The immediate response and feedback to questions from Forex academy (Chelsea) when a question was asked, or email was sent.

Exceptional, professional and experienced mentors and also after course support

You were the only guys I found that offered a 3 day course over 3 months and charged for 3 days and offered part payments and looked honest

I was referred by my brother-in-law. He told me that I would not be disappointed, AND HE WAS RIGHT!

The reputation, legitimacy, the amount of time they’ve been running, the experience and knowledge that Mr Ernest Klokow has, and the brilliant service and marketing know-how Ms Chelsea Klokow has

Their reputation and loyalty

It was the only Forex training school that I found that offers interactive sessions in small groups with practicals in order to develop the students trading skills.

It is the only institution that offers full-time training over three months. I believe one cannot learn forex in two weeks like other institutions do.

More about our Online Classroom Courses

Before the advent of COVID we offered our classes in a physical classroom with a lecturer. But since COVID stopped this practice we were left with a challenge to adapt to online classes and keep the positives of in-class courses as best we can.

So our courses take place as follows:

  • Recorded videos of classes that can be used for review.
  • Interactive ZOOM classes where students can freely participate as they would in an in-class course (choice between audio and chat).
  • Sharing of the student's screens/trading charts with the class (as well as the cursor when necessary).
  • Quizzes, Tests, and Homework keep students involved and helps us to monitor progress.
  • Full Documentation or Course Manuals.
  • If a student falls behind he/she can schedule a free one-on-one session.

The Advantages of our Online Classroom Courses (above that of In-class Courses)

  • The most obvious advantage is that students save on the cost and time of travelling to class and back every day and paying for lodging when too far for daily commute.
  • The freedom to select the best course available worldwide. (The selection of courses is now so much larger.)
  • It is impossible to remember or understand everything that was taught in a class - so with recorded ZOOM classes, students can review what they have missed during the class. In-class courses do not get recorded.
  • When a student wants the lecturer to look at his screen/chart in the class to ask a question - only the two of them can see the screen/chart. With an online class the students can share his/her screen/chart with the whole class and everybody can learn together.

Trading Platform ++

Metatrader 4 PLUS+

$ 129

This expanded course includes:

  • Access to online course
  • Videos
  • 4x Live ZOOM sessions
  • Practical training on MT4
  • Overview of how to use the Strategy Tester and how to use it to change a losing system into a winning one
  • How to receive signals that trades automatically for you
  • Introduction to Expert Advisors and how to develop them without any programming skills
  • User Manual

Internationally Acclaimed Course

2 months Complete Forex Trading Master Course

$ 895

Prerequisite: Skilled in using Metatrader 4

  • Course presented by a professional Forex trader with 15+ years of experience
  • Extensive and comprehensive curriculum
  • 2x Months interactive ZOOM classes (3x per week)
  • Last half of the course doing practical trading of the systems/strategies taught
  • Simulator Trading
  • Recorded videos for review
  • Training videos
  • Documentation/Manuals
  • 5x Different strategies to trade Forex
  • 5x Different strategies to trade Forex
  • 2x Detailed guaranteed profitable systems
  • 2x Expert Advisors (Robots)
  • Trading Competition
  • Free membership to Community Trading Group

Fund Manager Course

Required to qualify for acting as a Fund Manager

$ 395

Prerequisite: Completed Forex Trading Master Course or experience as a Forex trader on a live account

  • Course presented by a full-time hedge fund manager
  • 2x weeks of theoretical training in all concepts critical to trading a fund for-profit
  • 2x weeks of practical application in trading at given maximum risk levels
  • Qualification depends on the results of 2x weeks of practical trading. Opportunity to retry if failed (at a minimum extra cost of $99).
  • Introduction to hedge funds and how they operate
  • Advanced risk management
  • Advanced trading approaches
  • Performance Measurement
  • Creating different strategies and how to test them for profitability and robustness
  • Different asset classes
  • Economics for Capital Markets
  • And much more!

N.B. Classes take place after hours on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. The time in between is used for homework and review. A class can last 2 hours or more.

Courses are scheduled for particular dates. The next courses will start on the following dates:

Metatrader 4 - 10 September 2021

Complete Trading Master Course - 13 September 2021

Fund Manager Course - On-Demand (Contact us for more info)

Below is an example of what our brand new Forum looks like that we have just started that will be used in future by our Community Trading Group

You partner in Forex trading that supplies funds for living

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